Saturday, January 17, 2009

We've added a seventh bedroom...

Every body needs their space.

When we built this house 5 years ago, the bedroom upstairs was the nursery. It was one of those perfect nurseries with the mosquito net aroung the crib and the matching decor. Justine deserved it, as her humble beginnings in the old house were very humble.

She was born into our family when we still lived in a 1200 square foot house... 6 people in a 3 bedroom house. We were falling over each other. It was always a mess because there just was no where to go. No room to turn around in.

Justine lived in our walk in closet for the first 4 months of her life. By the time we moved into our new house, she really deserved her own room. Those were the days when the carpet still looked respectable. There was no writing on the closet doors.

This bedroom was home to only one little girl. Justine finally had her own space. Jaiden was 3 at the time and quickly became afraid of her room in the basement. She moved into Justine's room, and her room became the schoolroom. Fast forward a few years, we decide to adopt Jameson and Josh. Add another person to her room.

The girls have been fighting about who is going to move into Jordan's room next year when she goes to college. We have repeatedly told them that Jordan's room will remain just as it is until she is done with college and has a home of her own. Someone has been listening to my "you need to learn to solve your problem" speech because Justine has solved her own problem. She took things into her own hands.

She cleaned out the "cubby" under our stairs, and moved an old crib mattress down the stairs and into the cubby. This area was meant to be a tornado fraidy hole, but it quickly became a play area for the girls. Now in typical Ellerbee style, it has yet another purpose.

Here she is looking all "Harry Potterish" in the cupboard under the stairs.



Rebecca said...

That's it!!! Send my girl out here immediately! I have an extra room!! HaHa!!! She actually looks VERY cozy. I think I need a spot like that. Maybe I could come there??? Ask her, will ya?
As for the...what did you call those women in that "group"??? I have a sister in law like them. She makes me want to vomit. How awful is that? Sorry. Not really. Anyway. Oh, I get soooo tired of her looking down her nose at everyone. It's awful. She is "old money" and proud of it! Ick!!!! I like you, Gina Ellerbee, and am so glad that you are who you are! Even if one son hasn't washed his hair in 4 months and the other son has to wear a headband to see! :)

Nichole said...

You should ask Julia what happened to my room when I went to college - it was 100% remodeled within 4 weeks of my leaving. No joke. The one summer I came home I lived in the guest room! You are super nice to keep Jordan's room!

Peculiar Smith Family said...

Hey, we have a cubby under our stairs! Maybe we have room for one more kid!