Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Justine

I am still trying to figure out how this precious little baby grew into this wonderful 6 year old so fast! It seems like it was just yesterday, during a wintery snow storm that I convinced, begged, threatened my doctor to get you out before the new year. Dr. Stuppy kept saying, "I'm on call. We could have the first baby of the new year." And my reply was "No, we will have the last baby of the old year." You were due on Dec 31st, but came into this world quite peacefully on Dec 27th!

Happy Birthday Justine.
You are absolutely the funniest, most creative, caring, loving, hysterically imaginative kid I have ever known. Thank you for making me laugh every single day!
And happy 6th birthday to you.


misschris said...

Happy Birthday! Six is great. :)

My inner six year old wants to come over and play with that awesome Barbie townhouse.

Rebecca said...

Ah hello my friend Justine. Happy Birthday to you!