Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My day so far...

  • wake up
  • take some pain medicine
  • watch LOST
  • fall asleep watching Lost
  • wake up
  • take some pain medicine
  • attempt to rewatch LOST
  • fall asleep watching LOST
  • wake up
  • take some more pain medicine
  • give up watching LOST
  • fall asleep


misschris said...

Doesn't all that sleep feel the tiniest bit wonderfully indulgent though???

But maybe that is the jealous preggo in me talking.

Peculiar Smith Family said...

Ohhh, you poor thing. I hope you're feeling better soon. In the meantime, enjoy the pain meds and the sleep!

Rebecca said...

Hey mama! I hope you recover fast!! Well, at least feel better. Stick with the tv watching and sleeping for as long as possible...you know it ain'ta gonna last!
Hey, I'm smirking about Justine's comment about your thighs. Put me into a moment of thought tho...what am I going to say when Ava asks me? Hmmmm...

Kristine said...

Glad you are getting some rest! Hope you feel better soon!

Melissa said...

Sleep, sleep and more sleep. Gosh Gina, why don't you be a little lazy? hahahahah You know I'm kidding. Rest up and feel better soon!! (((HUGS)))

Lisa said...

Sleep and TV! That part sounds good!