Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration 2009

I let the kids skip their morning schoolwork in order to watch our 44th president be sworn in. Even if I didn't agree with all of his politics, I have to admit that I was excited to see the first African-American president with his hand on that bible! What a moment for all of us. What a moment for my kids to realize that they can do anything they set their hearts to. I honestly pray for President Obama that he may promote change in a positive way.

And so I had to ask myself if I would have been interested in this at age 8 , 9, 10, or 11? At what point did I begin to LOVE history? I'm not sure, but I'm obsessed with it now. Perhaps it came with homeschooling? I don't know! It does help that I've been through K-4 many times throughout my life. Yesterday while watching the inauguration, I kept hearing "peaceful transfer of power," and all I could think about was our founding fathers and how they set up our new country. Our second president, John Adams, was known for peacefully allowing Thomas Jefferson to take over as president after he lost re-election. What a wonderful country we have!

The fact that I now have African-American children made this just a little more exciting for me. I was excited for THEM. I wanted them to realize what this meant. I wanted all the kids to know how monumental this moment in history was.

Oh my lovely kids. They bring me such joy.

Jack kept sneaking his Nintendo DS behind the couch to play. Justine was enthralled with some sort of animal daycare she was making, and kept making animal noises. I looked over and Josh was ASLEEP. Jameson and Jaiden sort of, kind of, watched it with me while they fought over who was going to sit on my lap. I know Jameson was paying attention somewhat because when the cannons started shooting, she exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, they're shooting at him." And at least she thought that was a bad thing... and she wasn't ASLEEP or playing DS.

Now is the time for us all to come together and stand behind our president. It is time to put our differences behind us. What a wonderful country in which we are privileged to live.



SisterMom said...

Yeah, Jackson expressed no interest in it whatsoever. In time they will come to learn what this means to them , as black men in America. Right now they can't see past the next big soccer game and whatever video game has their interest at the moment.
I can't lie--I teared up when the was being sworn in!!! No matter what a person's beliefs are I think we can all agree that this is an exciting time for us!

Family of Six: Going To Ethiopia said...

In Public School only one out of our three kids watched the Inauguration at school! I wish I would have kept them home to live this historical event with me. Homeschooling has so many merits... Crystal