Thursday, January 08, 2009

20 ways to bless your children

  1. Write a letter to your children on each of their birthdays, telling them why you value them. Present the collection of letters to them bound in a notebook on their thirtieth birthday.
  2. Put together a "wall of fame" featuring pictures of key members of your children's heritage.
  3. Do a study of your family tree, and present it to each child when he or she is old enough to appreciate it.
  4. Visit a key historical landmark at least once a year, and tell how it played a vital part in their heritage.
  5. Pray for the future or each member of your family every day.
  6. Live below your means
  7. Get out of debt.
  8. Create at least one dilemma per week for each child. Make it something that compels him or her to utilize principles that you've taught in order to get out of the dilemma.
  9. Attend your child's parent/teacher meetings.
  10. Pray for your child's teacher and principle every day.
  11. Write out a list of each child's strengths, and look for an opportunity to compliment her or him at least once a week.
  12. Pray for the parents of your child's future spouse.
  13. Intentionally cancel important plans in order to spend time with each child.
  14. Kiss and hug your spouse in front of your children on a regular basis.
  15. Buy at least one heirloom-quality gift for each ot your children each year (a quality picture, pocketknife, fishing lure etc) that he or she can save as a childhood memory.
  16. Make a "Very Special Person" plate, and feature each child twice a year.
  17. Make sure that you, as parents, are the first to explain the facts of life to your child.
  18. Keep a daily journal of the key things that your children say and do. It will be invaluable when they are older.
  19. Have a planning weekend weekend once a year when you and your spouse get away from the kids in order to spend time planning out the development of their character in the coming year.
  20. Attend a Christian marriage seminar at least once a year.

--Taken from Tim Kimmel, Condensed from "Legacy of Love"



Sandee said...

Great to find the time to do it....

I love it ...

Rebecca said... like number 14!! I will do that one! Haha!! Seriously tho...I love the idea of writing a letter on each birthday and giving it to them later in life. I'm gonna do that.