Friday, January 09, 2009

Our Super Hero Family

It's a long ride across town. We like super heroes.
We want to be super heroes.
It took the creative Ellerbee kids 30 minutes to come up with these super hero names and traits for everyone in our family. The powers were assigned according to their God given natural abilities and are not meant to be politically correct or even pleasant sounding.

Dad - "The Flatulent"
Super Power - isn't that a given? He can clear a room in seconds flat.

Mom - "Snow"
Super Power - weather control especially related to ice and snow. Some say because I'm so cold, others because I'm so pure. You guess which one.

Jordan - "The Queen of Indecision"
Super Power - She will make you give up your will to live by her inability to make up her mind.

Josh - "Rasta Man"
Super Power - His dreads can come out of his head up to 50 feet and grab you and take you down.

Jack - "Control Freak"
Super Power - He can control everything... even the behavior and um... err... bodily functions of others.

Jaiden - "Caustic Burp"
Super Power - She can burp enough nuclear waste to dissolve a small country.

Jameson - "The Main Squeeze"
Super Power - She can hug you so tight that your head will pop off.

Justine - "Screecher"
Super Power - She can scream so loud it will put you into a coma.

Morgan (our dog)
Can shoot his nasty fur at you so fast it will get stuck in your trachea and cause you to choke.
Russell (our other dog)
He has Super Bark that can awaken the dead.
Mr. Rogers (our new kitten)
He is Sabertooth.
Mr. Kitty (our very old cat)
He can single handedly eat the bird population of our neighbors yard with no teeth and no claws.

So if you are ever in trouble and you need help... don't hesitate to call on us.
We'll be there for you.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I'm putting all of you on speed-dial. Well, except for Jeff. We can take care of that issue by ourselves. :)
P.S. Is it okay to vomit in your mouth? haha