Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I think I have succumbed to the fact that 2009 will be a complete and utter failure for me if I do not make some new year's resolutions. So here we go!
This year I am keeping my resolutions or "goals" as I prefer to call them, written in my day planner as a visual reminder to myself as to what my goals are.
I have categorized these and placed on a spreadsheet to facilitate my personal growth in 2009. (Translated to: I have written them down and will be reminded of what a failure I am on a daily basis in the months to come.)
Health and Fitness
The obvious weight loss and improved exercise schedule. How many years have I had this one on my resolutions list? This one is a no brainer, however I am actually thinking of signing up for the thing at work that actually helps make you accountable for your health and fitness. There are prizes and monetary encouragements given for doing so. Sounds like a good idea. I will add that to my list of things to do.
I will continue to grow in my relationship with my husband. My goal is to have a weekend away at least 2 times this year and a date night at least twice a month. Unfortunately this relationship seems to be the one that gets put on the back burner during stressful times, and it has not only been placed on the burner, but the burner was on, and now the bowl is incinerated and unrecognizable through all the smoke and fire... (Translate to: I will become a sex kitten in 2009)
I also want to continue to grow in my relationships with my kids. This is Jordan's last half a year with us. We are rounding out our first year with the new kids. My goal is to just play with the kids and enjoy them every single day. The beauty of having all the kids a little older is that we can now do a lot of the things we wouldn't be able to do with a baby or a toddler. The long bike rides are going to be phenomenal this spring now that ALL the kids know how to ride a bike.
I also want to continue to reach out and grow in my relationships with my friends. 2008 has been the year of the friend. I have met and grown quite attached to so many people this year. There are those who I have only met once or twice in person, but have gotten to know via text message and blogging. I didn't realize before this year that I really didn't make enough time for friendships. Did I assume that 37 year old women don't need best friends and girl talk? My Springfield friends Julie and Rebecca have kept me grounded and laughing all year long. Having my blogging friends from Washington to New Hampshire and everywhere in between has definitely saved me this year. So thank you!
I will work on my continuing ed requirements for my certification that I have completely and totally blown off over the past year. I may also study for another certification. (Translate to: I will continue to go to work and do the best I can so that I can provide for my family)
Spiritual Life
I am going to commit to daily bible reading. I have a bible that has daily readings for each day of the year. I have tried so many times to read the bible from start to finish. I think I probably have Genesis and Exodus memorized becauseI always quit about the time I get to Leviticus. UGH. This bible has readings from all over the bible which go together for a specific message for the day. I always find that bible and want to start it, but my OCD keeps me from starting in the middle of the book. I am also going to do more family devotions and get the kids back into Wednesday night service. (Translate to: I am not going to be lazy any longer!)
Ok, I will not start with the typical "Get out of debt" resolution. We all know that's not going to happen in a year unless I win the lottery. My resolution is to pay off: both cars and the 3 small credit cards this year. I think that's a fair resolution that won't have all of us eating macaroni and cheese made with water for too many meals. (Translate to: I'm actually going to follow a budget this year and think about what I need versus what I want.)
We will be going to the beach for Spring Break and we will be relaxing and spending time together. (Translate to: Come hell or high water, I know what I just said about determining what I need versus what I want, but I will sell my own plasma in order to have a family vacation where we can all enjoy each other.)
Personal Growth
I am going to learn sign language this year. We have very good friends who have adopted two children from Ethiopia who are deaf. I hate, hate, hate it that I can't communicate with them. I end up looking like a total and complete idiot when I try to make up my own sign language. It reminds me of when I lived in Texas and I worked with all Hispanic people. I would try so hard to speak "Spanish" to them because quite honestly they were all speaking Spanish to each other. I really thought I knew what I was doing. Finally one of them pulled me aside and said, "Please don't do that anymore. You just called her a little purple chair." And so my Spanish came to an end. (Translate to: I don't want to call our friends children little purple chairs in sign language, therefore I am going to learn sign language.)
I am going to finish landscaping my backyard. I used to spend so much time in my yard planting and making it look nice. Last year, my poor yard was absolutely neglected beyond repair. This year, that yard is going to look like something out of Better Homes and Gardens. (Translate to: My kids are going to learn how to pull some weeds and pick up some rocks.)

And so we come to the end of my New Year's Resolutions. Have I inspired anyone else?
Bring it on, 2009!


Sandee said...

Love the 2001, I once again sat down to read the whole Bible, but knew I would drop off in I thought I would read it backwards. But I skipped Revelation, going to save it for last, ...and started in Jude. :) I only read one or two verses a day, ponder them, write prayers to God about them, or some days, just read them.

8 years later, I have made it to Philipiams..going backward. Not fast, am I? But it has been good.

Blessings in the new year.

SisterMom said...

I'm sorry I stopped at sex kitten. And threw up. eww.

SisterMom said...

okay mom said the above comment was mean. I'm sure you would make a great sex kitten, its just you are like a mom to me!

Julie said...

Great resolutions. Our whole church did the One Year Bible last year. I won't say I read it every day but I think I managed about 3/4 of it. Doing it again this year.

Anonymous said...

Love your goals...PARTICULARLY the translations!!!!


I read all your goals, though, and just got tired THINKING about them. My hat comes off to you, girl, if you can follow through on even half of them! Me?...I'm just trying one goal...just undertaking half of the goals you listed would overwhelm me before even leaving the starting gate!

Best of luck to you! I admire your spunk!!!

(When I was 16, I made a vow to God that I would read the Bible every day for at least five minutes. Many days, I only read five minutes...but even five minutes adds up. I have read the Bible cover to cover many times over the years, in just those five minute increments. Just five minutes of even a boring geneological list is do-able. And there is NEVER a day so busy that you can't squeeze out five minutes before you crawl into bed and close your eyes. Besides, God has a way of REMINDING you of your vow if you DO forget and crawl into bed without reading. There have been times I have been almost asleep and realized I hadn't I crawl back out of bed, pry my eyes open, and give God the those few minutes in His Word that I promised so many years ago I would give Him.)

Rebecca said...

A sex kitten? Wowee....let me know if you get that one figured out, will ya?!?
A little purple chair, huh? That is frigging hilarious!! 3 of my really good girlfriends are Korean. I've developed this really bad habit....when they don't understand me, I tend to get louder. Now remember...I'm loud to begin with. So, at times I find myself almost screaming at them. As if that will make them figure it out....
As for all your "goals" go girl! You can do it!! Remember...let me know if you figure the sex kitten thing out.

SisterMom said...

Oh come on you two!

Diann said...

You inspired me to take on 2009, I am working on my list now!