Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our last first tooth...

Justine's dream has come true! She lost her first tooth.

She has faked having a loose tooth for many, many years now. In her true storytelling manner, she has told us she lost a tooth, swallowed it, and it grew back in. She's told us her teeth were loose when indeed they were planted solid in those little pink gums.

When she told us recently that she had a loose tooth, we were all like "yeah, whatever..." Well, low and behold, she was right! That sucka was so loose, she was able to pull it herself! And so the last first tooth in the Ellerbee household was saved and transferred for a cost to the tooth fairy.

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Jenny H said...

Yeah!!!!! Molly is ready for her teeth to come out to. I dread it, that means she is no longer my baby but a big girl! How much was that tooth worth?!?!?