Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not go to WalMart 4 times in one day, each time forgetting a different item.

I did not see an approximately 10 year old child with a pacifier in her mouth, pajama pants and no shoes in 26 degree weather on my fourth trip to WalMart.

And my 6 year old did not feel the need to point that out, quite loudly, followed by the phrase "that's disgusting."

I did not smile blamelessly as though I had no idea what the little cutie had just said.

I was not 15 minutes late taking my daughter to her very important Kindergarten Birthday Party because I underestimated that these people lived in the sticks, and I did not get lost leaving the party sight and end up 30 minutes north of my destination with my gas gage reading empty.

I did not teach my kids the words to a No Doubt song so that we could win Guitar Hero.


misschris said...

And that wouldn't be "Spiderweb", would it?


Amy said...

4 times in one day? Are you insane:)? I had to go twice in one day before Christmas and thought I might have to commit murder in the aisles. You are 1 brave soul.

Hope you are all doing well!

Kristine said...

Oh, the things one sees at Wal Mart!!!