Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Back in the saddle again

The kids are home.

Hurricane Justine has single handedly mutilated my living room. Looks like Barbie had an all nighter that got a little out of hand.

Jameson and Jaiden have been in a knock down, drag out, crying fight over who knows what? They are both crying and fighting "orphanage" style as we call it. Full out body contact with subsequent pouting.

Josh came right in, dropped his bag of dirty clothes at the door and hasn't been seen since. Nice to see you too buddy.

And Jack downloaded some crack website on my computer which now has my computer crashing similar to my 401K of late.

I missed them so much while they were gone for two days.

Yay. I feel so much better now that things are back to normal.


Rebecca said...

Nice to know that you're back to normal! Too much quiet isn't good for a persons constitution. Right? Justine's barbie house is sooo cool...bigger than she is...right on Justine!!!

Chris said...

Glad to hear that the normal is back . Dont you just like that :)
I remember the first year we tool a one week vacation to Mexico i missed the kids crazy for the week . Got back home and I wasn;t in for 5 minutes they were already fighting. Now when i leave them for a week I just smile all week and dont want to go back home :)
Beaches , sand, margaritas and NO kids OMG I am ready to leave right now .