Thursday, January 15, 2009

Long haired freaky people need not apply

I like to put people in categories. I know it's a bad habit. Most of the time I put people in categories who are unlike me. I guess I am subconsciously jealous. Very subconsciously. There is a group of moms I have been on the outskirts of for many years. As I have observed quietly from the fringe, I often will compare and contrast myself to "the group." I have made some great observations:

their shoes and purse always match
they don't use a $1.49 Barnes & Noble bag as their purse
they are either dressed in perfectly matched size 0 Hollister wear or designer work out clothes
they don't look like they threw on whatever they found hanging over the end of the bed, usually jeans and a T shirt
they rarely have kid snot, left over food crums, or Cheeto orange fingerprints on their jeans
they always have make-up on - usually perfectly applied
they typically don't need to wear a hat to cover up 2 day hair
their names are usually Candy or Felicity
they love to discuss their latest diet and exercise routine with everyone in earshot

As I sat on the perimeter eavesdropping on their conversation last week, I heard several of them talking about their boys and the new haircuts they banded together to make them get. All of the boys belonging to "the group" had the same designer crewcut.

"Their hair just looked so... unkept."

And then I looked at my own boys.
Josh who hasn't had a haircut in at least the last year and hasn't WASHED his dreads since September....

And there's Jack who had to wear a headband last week to play soccer because he couldn't see through his long locks.

Aren't they adorable?
I wouldn't have them any other way, and I'm sure they feel the same way about me.


misschris said...

Dried kids'-snot-smeared jeans are totally in. I know this, because they are a staple of my closet and I can't go anywhere without them.

2 day hair? Honey, I can go three. Yeah, I know you're jealous.

Your boys are adorable. I *love* Josh's dreads.

Jeanie said... may all be pretty on the outside...but you and I both know the train wreck on the inside.

Linda said...

I like your insides better. Outside hides a lot of darkness inside peoole