Sunday, January 04, 2009

My first Not Me Monday

Inspired by the "not me" honesty displayed by MckMama over at
My Charming Kids, I will be participating in a weekly series confessing all the things I did not do during the past week.

I did not play hide and go seek in the dark... using night vision goggles... at a slumber party... with 22 people... at 3 am... on New Year's... with all of my kids.

I did not laugh hysterically at Jack when he fell down and knocked over a Christmas tree at Silver Dollar City while I was trying to get one last photo.

I definitely did not take my kids to Silver Dollar City to ride roller coasters after working all night and only sleeping for only an hour and a half.
I also did not cross the center line a few times before I got a double shot espresso on the way home.

I did not make up secret nicknames for all the kids on my son's soccer team and accidentally scream some of those names during the game.

And lastly, I did not bring my computer to the hospital so that I can blog while waiting to have surgery.


SisterMom said...

I definitely did not just watch a Little Einsteins that I had already seen... by myself. I also did not eat about 2 lbs of spicy beef jerky last night. Nope, that was probably yellow.

Laurel said...

Great post! I love the Not Me Mondays, but my life seems a little boring for them. (Boring? with 13 kids? yes.)

I would definitely take the computer to the hospital. Waiting without blogging would be no fun at all.


lmt1073 said...

Wow! it's great to see someone else out there has a family as large as mine. We have eight in the house also. From 16 yrs to 11 weeks... needless to say i need to blog to keep my sanity.

Jenny H said...

The look on Jameson's face when Jack is falling is priceless! You always make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

The tree falling over is a crack-up!