Friday, January 23, 2009


Just thought everyone would want to know Jaiden broke her glasses today...
so she had them for:

7 days............ which is:
168 hours........................ which is:
10,080 minutes........................... which is:
604,800 seconds

Because my employer changed our eye insurance and I didn't know it, I ended up paying for those glasses out of my own pocket. If you break it all down, those glasses cost me:

$24.12 a day
which comes out to about:
$1.00 an hour



misschris said...

oh no!

Target optical has a good deal for kids that includes breakage and change of heart... if you are looking to replace them soon.

But seriously, 7 days? I bet she feels terrible, poor thing.

Have a great weekend!

Family of Six: Going To Ethiopia said...

Ugh, sorry, that's spendy. Liam has glasses (also out-of-pocket) that he will not wear; though, he admits he can not see the board without them... Arggg! Crystal p.s. Thanks for your post about sibling-adjustment. I did not see it in right front of my face. Maybe I could borrow those glasses once you've fixed them, lol.

Melissa said...

UGH! We have two glasses wearers (does that even make sense haha) plus Bryan and I both have them (well I wear contacts). Anyway, my girls are incredibly rough on theirs and yet they still think I need to spend $300 on the ones that come with sunglasses YIKES!

Lisa said...

Yikes! But the important thing... Jaiden looks fabulous in those glasses:-)))

Peculiar Smith Family said...

Oh that just stinks! Maybe some duct tape will work? That would make a fashion statment I'm sure!

Stephanie said...

My 2-year-old is going to have to wear glasses in a few months. And her little sister is known as the "glasses mangler". I have a feeling her glasses won't last long either!

I hope you can find a good deal!

Rebecca said...

HaHa, HeeHee, HoHo!! Sorry, I AM NOT laughing. Really. Honest. Okay, maybe a little?
A few years ago, when Shiloh (the Beagle) was a pup, she ate my glasses!! All I had left when I got home was the lenses. Frames were gone. They were fairly new, so I took them back to Costco to see if they could use the same lenses and just put them in new frames. Get this....the glasses, unbeknownst to me, had a 2 year warranty on them. Get out!! Anyway, I explained, again, that the glasses weren't defective in any way. A Beagle ate them. Didn't matter..they were covered under the warranty. Do you have a Costco nearby?