Saturday, January 10, 2009

16 to 7

That was the score of the Championship Soccer Game today where Josh's team went undefeated and won the "Big Dance."

"That crazy Ethiopian kid is awesome."
That's what we heard one girl say to another as we were leaving.

Elbows, elbows and a little pushing.
That's what we saw Josh throwing during the game. Our first time to actually see any kind of emotion from him. WOW!

Congratulations Red U12's.


SisterMom said...

Jackon's new coach said that when he first saw him he thought, " oh there's some new African American kid." Then he was like WHO is this kid and how do I get him on my league?!?!
Wouldn't it be amazing if they become famous futballers and take care of us..
Last night at his basketball game he talked back to a ref! Do you think our boys are taking it out of the field?

Rebecca said...

Way to go! Woohoo! Sweet!! that's our boy! :)

Julia & Brad said...

He's going to be such a lady killer :-)