Monday, August 31, 2009

I have a perfectly good excuse...

As to why I haven't blogged for 4 whole days...

Our good friends the Wilkinsons came to visit for the weekend. Typically I would tell you to be wary of people you meet on the internet, but in this situation, it turned out really, really good.

It's amazing how you much alike we are. Scary in fact. Even our kids are so much alike. Aiden and Jack are like one and the same. They spent the weekend making origami weapons and talking about imaginary lands.

I found it kinda sad and frustrating that Josh has entered that near teenage state of mind where girls and texting are more important than playing with long lost friends who you grew up with in Africa who was like a brother to you, but I digress.

But Jameson and Ben played and played... and seem to be so much alike, it's insane. Insane because they are so much alike, and well scary because they are SO MUCH ALIKE. If you know Ben and Jameson like I know Ben and Jameson, you will know what I mean. SCARY!

Perhaps it's because we prayed for each other so much before we ever met... perhaps it's because we're all a little sick and twisty. In a good way.

Like the fact that we both fell down on the floor laughing at poor Ben in this picture.

And here are the original 3.

They were the among the first kids ever at Faith Children's Home, which later became Hope.

Jaclyn and I had only talked on the phone, via email and text messages until July of this year. Do you remember this post I wrote way back in February 2008 about Josh and Jameson's best friend Minte? And this update?

That was when I first met the Wilkinson's via email and phone when they fell in love with this boy who broke my heart in Ethiopia as he hid under the stairs to cry when Josh left.

You can read about their story here, although Jaclyn doesn't have much time for blogging anymore because she is always chasing this gorgeous baby!

We spent the weekend hanging out, watching our kids play, watching movies, planning what is sure to become quarterly get-togethers, as well as 3 arranged marriages. The arranged marriages are deserving of a post all their own, so be prepared; it's slightly disturbing.



The Wilkinson's said...

I think we should call ourselves the Wilkerbees now. What do you think?

SisterMom said...

Ugh, I am green with envy!