Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm frustrated

I'm frustrated.

With so many things...

the bunkbed we ordered that should have been here 2 weeks ago.
still isn't here.
the furniture store man who won't call us back.
the room which remains undone.
the clean bedding which remains draped over the staircase
because there's no bed to put it on.
that will be dirty again by the time there is a bed to put it on.
the mattress which remains in the living room.
the child who continues to sleep on the couch.
the bedroom which flooded again with the last thunderstorm.
the deck company who was supposed to pick up the wood they left last summer.
and promised to pick it up a month ago.
and still hasn't.
the dirty computer screen with the very visible smudge with the word "nerf"
the companies who promise things and don't follow up.
the new car which I just made the first payment on.
which is in the shop with another blown coil.
the tiny blond girl who keeps screaming and screaming and screaming.
about everything.
the kids who don't want to do their homework.
who gritch and complain at every turn.
the constant revision of the homeschool schedule
which continues to need some tweaking.
the man who was working on the girls ceiling today
who kept slamming the front door
again and again and again
during my precious 3 hours of sleep
after working all night.
and my runny nose, headache, sneezing mess that won't stop.
my high dollar, high speed internet connection which is highly unreliable.
the basket of socks that isn't going to fold itself.
the dishwasher full of dishes that was never started.
the big stupid dog who is destroying my life, my deck, my yard.
the small stupid dog who yips, yips, yips until I want to ring his neck.

I'm frustrated.


Larsons said...
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M. Twigg said...

I'm Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!

M. Twigg said...

Oh and I forgot: And this too shall pass. Smile!!

Sandee said...


and momma NEVER SAID there'd be days like this.


Christy said...

Yeowza, not fun! I there anyone you could physically take your frustrations out on? Makes me feel better!

Chris said...

You need a drink girl:)
I wish I was closer I would have one with you .