Saturday, August 08, 2009

Room Switch

When Josh and Jameson first came home ... way back .... um.... let me count... 18 months ago, we were set up for the boys to share a room. Jack, being the only boy in this sea of girls, had waited long and hard for a brother to share a room with.

As it turned out, it was actually a source of stress for both of them. And me.
Josh is a total neat freak. He likes his space. He likes to retreat to his room when life gets to be too much.
Jack is a total slob. He is disgusting. I will be the first to admit it. He can live in a total mess and it not bother him at all.

Yet another adoption and "parenting in general" lesson for me to learn. They are individuals and you take them for what they are and love them all the same. You can't try to make them something that God didn't make them. Now that's not to say that we aren't always on Jack's case to clean his room, or attempting to teach Josh to be a bit more ... um... flexible, but they are who they are, and we're not going to change that.

On a side note, Jack was "banned" from Josh's room for one week because he slept in his extra bed and didn't make it in the morning. Ha.

Last year when things were quite strained between all of us, one day I just got up and started tearing up my lovely playroom. The playroom I had worked so hard to organize and loved. We moved Josh in there.

Suddenly things got so much better. Better between the boys. Better for all of us. Josh is the type of kid who needs his space. He cannot stand for things to be out of order.

Like I mentioned before, we are ALOT alike.

Poor Josh just had two twin beds in his room with plain frames and no real furniture. We recently started looking for a real bed for his room. When we found a bed we all agreed on, Jack decided he wanted to give up his big room, with his big TV,and he wanted to switch with Josh. Weird. I know.

He must have really liked the loft bed we found. It gets here Tuesday. We are in the process of painting his already blue room to look like an ocean. I am anxious to get it finished to show you.

So we are in the middle of a room switch right now. Josh's room is mostly done. See for yourself and tell me what you think. We did a sports theme... I know duh, right?
And the paint colors are the colors for Springfield Soccer Club.

Josh's poster of Africa, which has my favorite Bono quote, "Where you live should no longer determine whether you live."

And the poster I had made for Josh for Christmas last year of himself playing soccer. He wanted to know if we were mass producing them for others to buy. Ha.
The quote at the top, "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalms 139:1-4"

I believe he likes his new room. What do you think?