Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Text Message Tuesday

I invite you to Text Message Tuesday.
Have you ever seen something so funny that you just had to text someone to tell them? Complaining about traffic? Kids do something remarkable? Save it! Share it!

Feel free to have a laugh at my expense, and don't forget to leave me a comment with your favorite text conversation this week!
Here are a few of my favorite saved texts for the week.

Me: "I'm paying my kids 50 bucks to clean my house."
Reply: "Will they do mine?"

Me: "I really miss you. More than usual. More than when you're here.

Jordan: "Um... thanks?"


Me: "Charlie's wife lost her shoe in Ireland.... in the Atlantic. He said if you find it next week when you go to Ireland, you win."

Reply: "OK. I will look for it. What kind of shoe?"

Me: "Evidently one that comes off easily in the ocean."

Reply: "Oh. OK."


I made a scavenger hunt for my kids last week and was working on the clues. I texted a few of them to my friends to make sure they made sense. Example:

Me: "Ok. What am I? I am inexpensive, white and disposable, but if you find me missing, you will think I'm priceless."

Reply: "Tampon?"

Me: "Wow. I need to reword that one don't I? Toilet paper."


The purpose of the scavenger hunt was to keep them busy so that I could take a nap after working all night.

Message: "So how'd the scavenger hunt go?"

Me: "Good. Except they finished in 19 minutes. Dang smart kids."

Reply: "You need to dumb down your curriculum."

Me: "Or dumb up my scavenger hunt..."

Reply: "Holla..."


Me: "Josh just literally stood in front of the microwave for a minute frantically hitting the start button while the door was wide open. Geez."



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