Monday, August 10, 2009

Justine's Prayer

We believe it's important for us to remember how blessed we are. We try to always remember to tell God thank you before each meal. It's not specifically the food we are praying about, but it helps for us to have a specific time we are all together to pray together. It's being thankful that we have each other. It's being grateful to God that He brought us all together. It's thanking God for each day we have together. If we have a good day, we thank Him. If we have a bad day, we pray for tomorrow to be better.

And if we forget, the kids will always remind us. Always.

We take turns saying the prayer before meals. Some of the prayers are short. Some are long. Some make sense. Some don't. Some make us laugh. Some make us cry.

This one left us all somewhat bewildered and thinking, "where did this child come from?"

Here is Justine's prayer for tonight...
"Dear God,
Take you for making us. And thank you for not poisoning me. Amen."



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