Friday, August 21, 2009

See, we do math...

The boys played "around the world" multiplication style during school today.

See, we know our multiplication tables, and we take math seriously.

The boys especially take math seriously. This means they jump up and down. They scream out the answer. They push each other over in order to get the answer first.

Math can be a lot of fun.

It usually starts out innocently enough.

But sometimes math can get really competitive.

Sometimes, math can get really ugly.

Sometimes math can be quite absolutely hysterical.

Ok. Just because it is so funny, here's a close up at Jack's face.

Tell me this boy doesn't love his math...

Sometimes math can be quite rewarding.

So what if I throw animal crackers at them when they get the answers right?

They are developing their gross motor skills and math skills all at once.
I told you I was a homeschooling genius, didn't I?


1 comment:

Chris said...

Sounds like fun.
God bless you for homeschooling.
I am counting the days for them( MY teenagers) to GO to school.:)
I would be drinking too much if i was homeschooling them .