Thursday, February 21, 2008


I am writing this in hopes that SOMEONE, ANYONE who has read this blog, met my kids or knows someone who is interested in adoption will pass this one on. Joshua's best friend is still in the orphanage and is not adopted yet. While we are so happy to have our kids home, ours and their hearts are breaking for poor Minty. Joshua and Jameson both saw a picture of Minty today and said "I love you Minty" and blew him a kiss. He was at Faithe with them and is now at Hope. He is 8 years old, and according to my son, he is a very good boy. Without the word of mouth, we probably never would have heard about our children. We are praying fervently for Minty that SOMEONE, ANYONE will hear about him and want him. Please continue to tell everyone you know about us, our kids and about those kids who are still waiting in Africa. Thank you so much!


Julia & Brad said...

Oh my Gina--how can you stand it? He's very handsome--I don't remember meeting him, was he there the day we got the kids?

gellerbee said...

Yes. He was the sad looking one.