Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Text Message Tuesday

Come on. Do it.
You know you want to.
Share your funniest text messages.
I did.
a conversation between Jeff and I while he was coaching Jaiden's soccer team during their first game on Saturday. I love to give advice while sitting on the other side of the field...

Me: "The girls up front don't have a clue..."

Jeff: "I know. Thank you."

Me: "They're not very good..."

Jeff: "Thanks."

Me: "You need to teach the goalie how to kick the ball and not throw it at the back of her team mate's heads..."

Me: "This hurts too much to watch."

Jeff: "Thank you captain obvious."

Me: "You are welcome!"

this one stands alone...

Message: "Justine is drinking gatorade out of a mustard bottle..."

sometimes my text messages are confessions...

Me: "I'm sorry your child is wearing the same clothes he wore yesterday and probably slept in and has been sweating out here in the sun. It's gonna be bad."

Reply: "What a bad babysitter you are."

sometimes it's just too hysterical not to share...

Message: "Justine just goes where's my yellow razor, hey, where's my yellow razor? I shave my armpits and hair with that thing. I need it. Yelling. So funny."

Me: "OMG. She does not. Don't let her have it. That would make YOU the bad babysitter. She wears me out."

sometimes they are just bizarre...

Message: "Justine just said to my baby... you do not taste like chocolate, you're brown because you are Ethiopian, you are not homemade chocolate."

Me: "You are giving me some good Text Message Tuesday material. Thanks. And why is she tasting your baby?"

sometimes text messages are annoying...

Message: "wake up."

Message: "wake up."

Message: "wake up."

Message: "wake up."

Message: "wake up."

Message: "I just found your phone downstairs."


sometimes text messages are disgusting...

Message: "That was so good I could throw it up right now and eat it all over again."

Reply: "That was so good, YOU could throw it up right now and I'D eat it all over again."
more confessions... don't judge us

Message: "I didn't give my baby a bath the whole time I was there other than a wipey bath. Don't judge me."

Reply: "Jameson was hanging on my leg and refused to let go of me when I left for work so I put her in a vulcan death grip. Don't judge me."


sometimes they make no sense unless you were there...

Message: "Why does your baby talk like a dinosaur?"


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The Wilkinson's said...

Hahahahahahahaha. I am laughing so hard right now! That baby finally did get his bath, promise!