Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Very Random and Rambling Post

I know. I know. I haven't been here for a few days. And I was doing so good keeping up with my blog... my half year resolution was to blog more.

Oh well.

I have been busy turning Jack's room into an underwater paradise. As soon as his new bed arrives, I will take some pictures to reveal with we've been up to.

We've also been up to a lot of summer cleaning. A lot of summer cleaning. The boys room switch is almost complete. We found things in Jack's closet that I haven't seen in years.

I find it ironic that we were tossing toys right and left. We were dissing Jack's old soccer jerseys that used to hold some sort of symbolic meaning for us. Missing puzzle pieces that I have held onto for years, thinking that I would need... gone, all gone.

Then we came upon Jordan's old pinewood derby car that she and Jeff made when she was in the 5th grade. We placed it gently upon her shelf as if it were made of gold.We found her Keiko stuffed animal that she carried around for years and years. We dusted it off. Admired it for a minute and placed it gently on her bed.

Oh and we've been saying goodbye to this guy.

Jordan's BFF Drew leaves tomorrow for college. He's going to the University of Southern California, and we won't see him until Christmas. Jordan is still in Orgeon, so her goodbye was weeks ago. Although it was hard to watch then, it didn't really seem real until last night when we hugged on him and told him goodbye. Jack was in tears. I think the gravity of saying goodbye to Jordan and her friends is finally sinking in.

Drew was Jordan's first boyfriend ... in the 6th grade. (Well if you don't count Dusty Duncan in kindergarten... ) Although their young romance (ha ha) didn't work out, they have been best friends ever since. They have stuck with each other through the Middlers Program at Central where they both went to high school in the 6th grade. They made it through those awkward high school years and those stressful IB exams. They helped each other while preparing college essays last fall. Through thick and thin, they have been there for each other. They were each other's prom dates, and he went with us on vacation and camping this summer. I love it that they are such genuinely good, hysterically funny kids to be around.

We love him like a son.
And while we wish him the best of luck, it's still hard to see him go.

It's hard to know that things will never be the same.
And that's not to mean it won't be better, but it will never be the same.

And it makes us realize our time is coming.We leave on September 18th to move Jordan to Chicago.

Wow. I need to clean some more so I can stop thinking about this.



Larsons said...

Thank you for Sharing your heart,photo's of JOY,and a beautiful journey. In all things may Jesus be the strength of our hearts, the center of life, the guide of the future, and the joy of the soul.Happyness is wholesome friendship. We miss Drew too! He is unique.Jordan Thank you for thinking things through, holding high values,and standing up for truth. mom and nanny

Drew said...

i love you guys.
our little december reunion will be amazing.
just got off the phone with jordan and i miss her so much. she should be giggly and excited and in disbelief in my room with me right nowwwww.
i'll keep staying unique and fresh hahaha.
bye for now ginamom.