Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Text Message Tuesday

I am attached to my phone. I can't help it. Text messaging has revolutionized my ability to complain about things and then get over it. Jeff and I can text each other with very little emotion, get whatever's going wrong out, and then move on. I know everyone always says, "Why don't you just call the person?" Well people because I would be on the phone all the time. I can shoot out a 5 second text message and continue on with what I'm doing without getting into a 15 minute phone conversation.

I saved a few of the more interesting conversations just to share with you.
Hope you enjoy!
Me: "I just told all the girls I was going to wash their mouths out with soap if I heard the word stupid one more time. Justine cheerfully asked if it could be the bubble soap... She loved that kind. Ugh."

Reply: "Nice."

Me: "There has been a sign up at the entrance to our subdivision for days that says MOVEING SALE. Every time I drive by it I want to get out and rip it down."

Reply: "Do it."

Me: "We just saw a car with a turtle on its back stuck in a drive through car wash."

Reply: "Sweet."
Me: "I just got an unsolicited 'I love you' from Josh. Ha Ha."

Reply: "Lucky!"
Me: "Um... the floor on the far wall of Jack's room is soaked... And it's not cat pee..."

Reply: "I will be right there..."

Me: "I had a dream you had a prosthetic leg."

Jordan's Reply: "I wonder what Freud would say about that."

Me: "That I'm gonna miss you as much as you'd miss your leg? IDK"

Me: "I saw at least 30 shooting stars last night."

Jordan's Reply: "Dang. MAKIN SOME WISHEZ!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

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Rebecca said...

Those crack me up!