Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What does $75 get you?

In Washington DC, $75 got us this glorious room at the Wardman Park Marriott. We loved it and the air conditioning worked wonderfully!

When we arrived in New York, we walked right from the subway to our wonderful hostel... the Whitehouse Hostel in SoHo which also cost us $75. I found this place on the internet and thought is sounded like so much fun. To get a hotel room in New York was in upwards of $400 and we were only going to be there for a few hours, so we thought what the heck? I have never stayed in a hostel. Life is an experience; why not experience it? From the outside it looked quite quaint...

When we went to check in, the man directed us, "Sit down and wait..." And it wasn't in the nicest tone of voice. I thought we might be in BIG trouble. He said, "Go see your room and come back and tell me if you want it or not." When we walked up the 4 flights of stairs...
this is what we found.
A room big enough to turn around in. 2 cots. No furniture... It was actually a large floor where someone had partitioned it off into small little rooms with doors... ours had no knob. After we came back down, we met a man who I believe may have been living there... he was so nice. When we asked him which way we should start out, he was quick to give directions and even offered us some of his food.

The only artwork we found was this lovely graffiti on the wall...
and no we weren't the ones who put it there.

This was the ceiling to our room... lattice. Luckily we were on the top floor and there was some sunlight coming through the slats. The night we stayed there, it rained and you could hear the rain beating against the glass dome on the top, which you can see through this lovely picture of our ceiling. You could hear the rain occasionally... over the snoring of everyone else on the floor and the man who was screaming at everyone to be quiet.

Jordan looks a little dismayed... we got used to the hostel and even came to love it.

This was our key which we had to leave with the nice guy at the front desk and our door with no knob. We had to basically carry all of our belongings of any value because I wasn't about to leave them there.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Whitehouse Hostel in SoHo. It was a lovely place to sleep for about 5 hours.
A video of our floor: