Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bulldog update

Her hard work is going to pay off. For several years now, Jordan has been hearing about how her education is going to help her problem solve and critically think, so when she was told by several people that there was no solution to her scheduling problem, she didn't take it lying down. The solution that she, (along with the Science head at her school) found is that we will homeschool (or independent study) Biology AND she will be editor in chief of the newspaper AND she will still get her IB diploma (science will be an SL instead of HL (higher level) but that's OK) She will have to miss Journalism about once every two weeks to go to Biology for experiments. She will have to continue to work her little tail off to teach herself Biology as well as all the rest of her responsibilities. But she did it. She searched for a solution... the first step to being an adult... wah!

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Peculiar Smith Family said...

Go Jordan! You must be very proud of her!