Saturday, August 16, 2008

Always opportunities

I'm always a fixer. I see a problem; I find a way to fix it. Luckily we have had plenty of opportunities to fix things around here this week. While I was gone to DC and NYC, our basement flooded. Jeff did a good job at getting it fixed and put fans on, but it smells like a huge mildewy moldy mess. Once I got home, I found that my front door wouldn't unlock because the lock was jacked up. The window on our Expedition that had been unable to roll down for 4 months finally rolled down, and I thought maybe we were finally getting some good luck... until I realized it wouldn't roll back up. So I have been driving around with my window taped shut all week. Talk about ghetto!

This week as I was attempting to clean up post flood; I had a thought. I looked at my beautiful, wonderful playroom. The playroom I tried so hard to make perfect with the matching shelving and bins... really an OCD heaven. Organization Galore! And I wondered what would happen if I gave up that beautiful, wonderful playroom and gave Josh his own room. Not as a punishment, but as a way to maybe make peace with him, to give him his space that he so dearly needs. And so it began. The long process of cleaning, moving furniture and getting things ready for our September garage sale.

Ultimately, it turned out really great. The girls had to take on a lot more toys and shelves in their room, but it actually looks really cute. And an added perk? They have been "playing" with their toys nonstop. It is probably a huge mess in there, but who cares?
Another perk? What happend to the boys who were getting tired of each other? They have actually been inseparable ever since. All 5 of the smaller kids played in Josh's room yesterday for HOURS. I don't know. I am no longer naive enough to think that the hard part is behind us because it seems like there is always something that comes up that is a "hard part". But it seems to have definitely made a difference in his mood, attitude and ability to comply with rules. I will post pictures when we're finished... it's going to be nice... really, really nice.

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SisterMom said...

SO your window wouldn't roll up, but let me remind you that you have a TV IN YOUR CAR!!! Still throwing that one at us!
Anteneh's room will also eventually be in the basement, I need to take a cue from you and get busy on it!!