Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bulldog Vent

Well today I am venting my frustration on public school again. What? Oh boy, here we go again. Jordan is a senior this year. She's in the International Baccalaureate Program... which basically means that a) she's really smart and more importantly b) she's been working her $#@ off for many, many years. She went to high school in the 6th grade and has been at Central ever since. (I'm not an IB student, therefore I will have to count on my fingers as to how many years that is... OK 6 going on 7) She was the editor-in-chief of the newspaper last year and was chosen again this year. Since Journalism is something that really means a lot to her and is potentially a future career path... we were thrilled that she EARNED this honor. And so the problems begin... She needs one last Biology class in order to obtain her IB diploma. The IB Biology class is only offered at the same time as Journalism... And therefore she has been told she will have to pick between being Editor-in-chief and her IB diploma. What the???? She wanted to handle it herself and has been doing a fine job at it. She has discussed doing an independent study for Biology where she will teach herself... the teacher thinks it will be too hard. Today I broke down and called her counselor and pretty much went off. She said, "Well I don't really know what an editor-in-chief does, but I don't see why she has to be in the Journalism class to be it." WHAT? Where do they find these people? So I gently explained to her several things about Journalism, Biology and life in general, and we are waiting to hear back from her about an independent study for environmental science, which will be a lower level instead of a higher level IB class (but that's a bunch of mumbo jumbo I don't care to get into) Basically I would like for people to stop making my life miserable. If anyone could work on that, I would appreciate it. Go Bulldogs!


Peculiar Smith Family said...

You go MOM!

Linda said...

Do we just have cookie cutter classes, teachers, etc?!?!? Can any of them think ouside a box?? You hang in there Mom. Linda

Nikko and Matt said...

Did she decide on a university or still thinking about it? Still voting for Berkeley. :-)

Chris said...

You go girl :)
WTH is wrong with people ???