Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shopping with Josh

For someone who was wearing pink crocs 6 months ago, shoe shopping with Josh is a nightmare. He is the pickiest shopper I have ever met. I finally gave up last week and passed the baton to Jeff. I bet he tried on 25 pairs of shoes before finally picking some out. Jeff's the man. And Josh is wearing men's 8's.


Rebecca said...

I'm glad he finally found some....Dave is REALLY picky like that too. Not about clothes, just shoes....they have to fit "just right"...whatever! I can wear anywhere from a 5.5 to 8, depending on how much I like the shoes. :)

Chris said...

LOL Can you believe it :)
I also have a picky boy . We need to go school shopping this week and I am not looking forward to it.
With my son it's 2 stores and he cost me a fortune. This is why we adopted another girl:)
Ok the next baby will be a boy :)