Saturday, August 16, 2008

St Louis Reunion!

Little Ava was the cutest, chubbiest baby I have ever seen. I could have eaten her up! Chris and her girls came half way across the country to come to the reunion! It was so awesome to finally meet them!
When I began my adoption process, I figured I'd be getting two kids... and that would be it. I have received so much more! Friends from all over the country. We have become a community. We are the Hope Family. I cannot wait until next year's reunion!
We had a great time getting to know our fellow Hopesters and their beautiful, wonderful kids! It was great to put a name with a face and to witness what a wonderful gift these families have been given through their children. Justine fell in love with Rebecca's Ava... she called her "the knuckles baby" because she knew how to give high 5's and then knuckles... for you non-hip people that means they make a fist and hit their knuckles together kind of gansta like.
It was great to finally meet Grace... I liken her and Shimellis to Charlie of Charlie's Angels that you hear, but never see. I can attest they do exist! Addis was cute and adorable! Miranda was funny and sweet and Anteneh was really cute, even when he was pouting.
Rhonda's little baby Anna with the light pink bow was also adorable! I cannot say thank you enough to Rhonda who organized and took care of all the details of the reunion. I cannot imagine the time and effort she had to put into getting this together.
Justine became a self proclaimed "baby whisperer" while we were at the reunion. She would not leave the babies alone. Once, when one of the babies cried, she came to me sobbing, "I'm not a baby whisperer anymore."
Jameson and Kalkidan got to spent a little time together. Sadly, Jameson wasn't feeling up to speed this day, so she didn't get to play with her cousin very much. It was great to see Team Killeen again. Talking with Pat and Susan always makes me feel like I have found long lost relatives. Our families couldn't be more alike.
Justine met her "best friend" at the reunion. Her and Hilena were so cute together. Hilena actually smiles like this all the time. She is the happiest child! It was awesome to meet Amy and Mike and their beautiful kids. Logan and Noah were absolutely adorable!
Here comes trouble! The boys had a great time visiting with each other. Granted, they were both holy terrors after seeing each other, but hopefully that will improve before we do this again with Minte in a few months!

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Chris said...

AWWWWW ! Thank You for what you said about baby Ava. Isn't she cute :)
It was very very nice meeting you and your family . I am so glad that we made it there :)