Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ode to my little Peter Pan

My little Peter Pan Justine is growing up whether she wants to or not. Justine is the baby. She was our very unexpected baby, who has absolutely blessed our lives in ways I can't even explain. There are days when we are laughing at her so much, and all of us agree that our lives would be so boring without her. She's always been the baby. She enjoys her place. She has embraced her birth order and taken on the roll of the family clown.
She does not want to grow up. While most kids are aching to get bigger and move on, Justine actively grieves her growth. She misses her pulls ups. She misses her toddler bed. While cuddling up with her blankie (nicknamed what else but baby), she said sadly, "Mom, baby's getting smaller. It won't cover my feet anymore."
Well my baby started Kindergarten this year... Except we can't call it Kindergarten because "she's not old enough for Kindergarten." I don't know why she believes she can only go to Kindergarten when she's 6...which is not for several more months. When I told her, "I can't believe you're in Kindergarten." She replied, "I don't know what you are thinking mom. I AM not old enough for Kindergarten."
And so here is Justine on her first day of "school."

Goodbye Baby Justine!

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