Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What the Bela?

We have been obsessed with the Beijing 2008 Olympics... specifically gymnastics (along with swimming, diving, and track) We have lost a lot of sleep staying up late to watch. It hit me in the middle of the night, in a sleep deprived moment while watching Ring the Bela with Bela Karoli that he looked oddly familiar.

I think I found Captain Kangaroo. He's not really dead. He's in Beijing.

Does anyone else think so?


Killeen Team said...


I never read your blog without belting a laugh out LOUD but this was the best!!! We can't stop mocking the "it was a rip-off!" comment in our best Russian accent around here!!!

Love you Guys!

Family of Six: Going To Ethiopia said...

:) Boing, boing, boing--I think it's him! Crystal

Peculiar Smith Family said...

LMAO! Great post! Rebecca

Julia & Brad said...

Yes! Thank you! I always thought the same!

Laurel said...

Love it!