Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Getting it together...

Well after an especially rough weekend of mom being gone all 3 days and feeling a little under the weather on Monday, we are doing much better. Dad is not "freaking out" anymore. We made it through Halloween and had a great time. We even carved pumpkins today. I am getting things together for our trip. I am making an excel spreadsheet to make packing easier. I have gotten their backpacks out of the closet and have started getting things ready to take with us. I found little fleece blankets on sale for $6 at KMart which roll up really small. I was thinking about getting a few of those that could be rolled up small and put in our carry on so that we can try to nap during our flights and lay overs. Plus when the kids come back, I have a feeling they may get cold with air conditioning and the change in temperature. I also bought a few word search activity color books to put in their backpacks. Does anyone have any more ideas about what to take in their backpacks. I don't want to bring stuff that they won't play with or is a waste of space, but I also want them to have something to do on that long flight home. Mae Mae suggests a portable DVD player...Well it's something to think about.

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