Tuesday, October 23, 2007

clothes, clothes, clothes

We went shopping yesterday for Merkeb and Filemon. I realized yesterday that we not only need to get them some winter clothes, but summer clothes for when we pick them up in Ethiopia. It will be summer in Africa when we get there, so that's at least a weeks worth of clothes. And we need a "coming home" outfit. It's just like bringing home our babies from the hospital, we want to get just the right outfit to bring them home in. I was able to find a ton of summer stuff for Filemon that was new, nice and on clearance. I got several summer shirts for Filemon. I also got several long sleeve shirts for him, and 3 pairs of pants. Merkeb was not as lucky. I was able to find her some cute sweats that will be warm when she gets here and a really cute wool jumper from Old Navy. I'm a little unsure what she will want to wear. They are very modest in Africa. All of the women wear skirts or dresses. It's next to impossible to find anything cute here that doesn't make them look much older than 8. Mae Mae and Justine wear jeans and T shirts all the time, but I'm not sure Merkeb will want to do that. So we are continuing to look for some cute, comfortable dresses and skirts for summer and winter for Merkeb. We are taking a break right now to go look for clothes for that beautiful little girl!

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