Thursday, October 11, 2007

good housekeeping

Just wanted to let you all know, there is a great article in this month's Good Housekeeping about Ethiopia. It is about a man who has started libraries in Ethiopia and has a mobile library he takes out in the country, pulled by a donkey. The purpose is to get books to children who have no other way of getting them. The article is written by the same author of the book There is no me, without you by Melissa Fay Greene. I highly recommend that book as well. I am in the middle of reading it and hope to have it finished by the time I get the kids. (I don't have much spare time these days) The article gives a statistic of "An estimated 72 percent of Ethiopian children can't go to school because their families can't afford to send them." Isn't that sad? The only way to find your way out of poverty and disease is through literacy. The article says Volume I, which makes me think there will be more about Ethiopia in the future in this magazine. The pictures are great also!

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