Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Latest News

I heard from Crystal today. Shimellis will be leaving on October 22nd for Ethiopia. She has not heard about our dossier leaving DC yet. I expect she will hear any day now. It probably arrived in DC on Monday... so maybe by Wednesday? I told her I wanted to send the kids something, at least something small....she said Shimellis wasn't able to take EVERYTHING we sent him, so he's taking the rest of it this trip. (I may have gone a little overboard) So at least the kids will have a little something. I hope to have more pictures soon. So if documents arrive on the 22nd, they will be translated, then we will get a court date. Courts opened up on October 8th after being closed for several months. So hopefully we will have a court date in 1 month. It is my prayer that we will have a courtdate in 1 month. I will keep you updated!

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