Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Illiteracy... what's the deal?

OK, I had to stop today and ask myself...what's the deal with people who are out in the public working and obviously expected to be functioning at a higher level... who have absolutely no grammatical skills? Our bank financial statement which was typed by a very nice girl was full of misspelled words, poor grammar and inappropriate capitalization. Then she had the bank manager sign in the wrong spot and I had to take it back today. Perhaps it's because of too many years of Shurley Homeschool Grammar, but it really makes me glad I have made the kids work so hard at it. I realize how utterly important it is. I'm not sure how all those grammatical errors will translate to Amharic, but hopefully they won't think we (Americans) are a bunch of idiots. Then I took our entire dossier to the UPS store to overnight it to Shimellis. I gave the guy there the correct spelling of his name, as well as the correct address. He not not spelled Shimellis' name wrong, but also the address. So hopefully our dossier will be in St. Louis tomorrow. Then it will be personally carried to Washington DC by a courier hired by Shimellis. This should take 2 days, then off to Ethiopia. Things are really moving fast. I'm having a hard time getting everything done. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I know I will get it all done, I always do. Laters

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