Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thoughts on tomorrow

As I pack to take my eldest to college tomorrow, my mind is a rambling mess of thoughts.

The lists are there... obviously because I am Gina Ellerbee and that's what I do.

But also thoughts of what's it going to be like?

What's it going to be like to see her walk under that archway at the University of Chicago while I stay on the other side?

What on earth will that 9 hour drive home on Tuesday be like?

And the week after that?

As we seek to find our new normal of maintaining contact via text message and email instead of me jumping on her bed in the morning to wake her up...

... my mind is a rambling mess.


Nichole said...

It's tough. I remember when my mom dropped me off at school we stood in a torrential downpour hugging and crying, we were both a mess. Then two hours after she left she called to tell me she stopped at WalMart and bought me a coffee pot and wanted to drive back and give it to me. She didn't end up driving back, she mailed it, but it was a big adjustment - and we don't even get along that well. I'll be thinking about you guys tomorrow!

Tiffany said...

I did this four weeks ago with my first one... funny, it's parent weekend for us and we get to go spend the weekend with him... the same weekend you take her..
About our move in day... as I prepared all summer, days of tears, days of laughter in the isles of walmart and target shopping for things we thought he might need...i think i had so many days of "preparing" that when the day came... It was a perfect day.. I cry over everything.. just one of those kind of people... happy tears and sad tears... but on that day, no tears... just pure comfort that he was in the exact place he was suppossed to be... the last picture of that day, him walking away down the sidewalk with a friend on either side, and he's turned around and waving back at me with the greatest smile!
Enjoy your day, the worst part... the week after when the little things that you never noticed is what you will miss the most... see, that makes me tear up again!

waitingarms said...

Congratulations to your daughter for a job well done and to parents who taught her the value of hard work.

What a day of mixed emotions - a mommy so proud of her daughter's accomplishments and tears that her baby is yet another step to becoming an independent lady! Praying for joy, laughter, and the confidence that she is in just the right place!

(I had been secretely routing for Cal - then she would have been only 35 minutes away from a home cooked meal and I would have hopefully gotten to meet you - a woman I admire a great deal! But, talk about culture shock! I don't know if you would left feeling reassured when you met half the student body dressed as rocker wannabes or if you had happened upon a protest at the school - naked students and all and everyone going on with their business and no sense of shock at all).

Blessings and congratulations again!

MissMeliss said...

awwww!! i can't imagine (mine's only 3), but i bet it is going to be difficult. sending you happy thoughts and blessings...


Family of Six: Going To Ethiopia said...

Gina, I wish I could give you a huge bear-hug. Though, that would be weird, as I don't really know you and it would have to be through the computer...

...anyway, motherhood is an amazing mix of painful and wonderful at the very same time. This is one of those moments.

xoxo, Crystal

Laurel said...

When I said my good-byes to my oldest ... it was off to the army, and to serve in Iraq.

The 2nd oldest, headed off to Africa for missions, rather than the university.

So, when the 3rd headed across the country to college ... it was a piece of cake. We actually drove him to school, Washington State to Virginia. Then, just 3 hours away from his college, we had a van fire which delayed us by 5 days. So, off he went to college by himself, and he was all settled in his routine by the time we got there 5 days later. :)

#4 moved to Argentina rather than heading to the university, while #5 (her identical twin) headed to Germany and then India & Bangladesh.

I think #6 will attend university here in Wa. State. Yea! And, who knows what the next 7 will do.

Oh ... the point of this comment ... I was going to tell you that Skype is MUCH better than texting and email. When son #2 left college and moved to Amman, Jordan, we learned all about Skype. He and I could sit in our offices, half way across the world, and chat for hours ... face to face.

In May, I was in Africa, Jeremiah was in Jordan, Carissa was in Argentina, Cassie was in Oregon, and the other 2 young adults and Papa were at home on each of their computers ... and we had a 2 hour, 7-way Skype conversation. It was AMAZING!

So, get hooked up to Skype and you can all chat, while seeing your dear daughter's beautiful face, even 9 hours away in Chicago.

Have a BLESSED time on your little road trip.

mama of 13