Thursday, September 24, 2009

Engagement Announcement

Yep. It's official.

Mr. and Mrs. William Ellerbee of Springfield announce the engagement of their daughter Justine, to Cooper Theo Wilkinson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wilkinson of Ft. Worth, Texas. Ms. Ellerbee graduated from kindergarten in 2008 and is currently pursuing her education in first grade at home. She is an aspiring actress and is currently starring in a Dr. Seuss production at the community theatre. Mr. Wilkinson is attempting to potty train and walk without falling down. He is completing his Masters thesis in the finer points of time out with an emphasis in spoon to mouth mechanics. A March wedding is planned.



elisa said...

Too cute!

Larsons said...

My mom always said not good bye. But until we meet again. I was having a hard time with the resurrection she said Think Until we meet again. mom Justine has her special area. Brings a smile or laugh. Jordan in her journey is ready for bigger, challenging, and will march to a different drum beat. ha! mom

The Wilkinson's said...

They make a lovely couple, and we couldn't be happier with our new family! Like I said before. We will be the grannies and grampies in the bed like on Willy Wonka, except minus the stuck-in-bed part and add some mixers.