Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Text Message Tuesday

Yet another installment of my favorite texts this week.
It's been a good week, hasn't it?

just how many times do the Beatles come up in my text conversations in one week?

Message: "I just got interviewed for the news tonight. Please tell me Ringo played the drums for the beatles."

Reply: "Where are you and why are you talking about the Beatles?"

sometimes I have to update Jeff on things right at the moment or I won't remember

Message: "Have you seen Mae Mae's tooth that is coming out through the bottom of her gums?"

Reply: "No. Sorry I haven't."

Message: "It's disgusting and it's gonna be expensive. OMG."

sometimes text messages are work-related warnings...

Message: "Poop down your leg friend is back..."

Reply: "I definitely won't wear my good scrubs tomorrow..."


sometimes text messages are self-explanatory

Message: "Nights suck. I wish I could win the lottery. That's my only way out."

Reply: "Death..."

Message: "I don't advise it. Too final."


sometimes I like to torture Jeff while sitting across the side of the soccer field from him

Message: "You look lonely."

Reply: "I feel lonely."

Message: "You should."

Reply: "Should what?"

Message: "Should feel lonely... you're all alone."

Reply: "Wanna come sit with me?"

Message: "No thanks. I'm being entertained here ..."


sometimes text messages are sad

Message: "Grandma can't remember my name."

Reply: "Sorry."


sometimes text messages are embarrassing

Message: "I took the kids to a buffet for lunch and there must be a nursing home group here or something. Lots of wheelchairs, walkers, etc. Justine really loudly looks at one of them and says,'what is it broken leg day?'"

Reply: "Sweet Justine. She would." ___________________________________________________

Message: "Aiden sleep walks and just walked into our room and said, mom um, do you, um know where, not the spelling words but the big tuba thing is?"

Reply: "So did you find him the tuba? Was it with the spelling words?"

Message: "No. I pointed him towards his bed. Very entertaining."

Reply: "Why can't I have a kid who sleep walks?"


I love it when I get other peoples confessions via text message

Message: "Addis just punched Miranda in the eye with her little fist and then said, 'you want some more?'"

Reply: "Nice..."


we thought text messaging would be a good way to keep in touch with our kids...

Message: "Where are you?"

Message: "I need to hear from you."

Message: "Call me."

Message: "If I find out you are in Nebraska or something, I'm gonna be SO mad at you."

Reply: "I am in Nicole's dorm. I miss her."

Message: "Well miss your phone and start answering it a little more."

evidently we were wrong...


once again, the Beatles just keep coming up this week...

Message: "I hate it when I wear my Beatles t shirt and my boobs are no where near Paul and John, but are hanging down by Ringo and what's his face..."

Reply: "Did you just call my favorite Beatle "what's his face?"

Message: "Really... I can't remember his name..."

Reply: "George. George Harrison!!!!!! I'm gonna pretend you did not just text that."

Message: "Ah man. If I had a tiger, I'd name him George because I keep forgetting about him."

Reply: "Hilarious. You really are."


Message: "I totally want to start a text message Tuesday on my blog. Only problem is that all of my texts are movie quotes..."

Reply: "Ah... thanks. This will be on there tomorrow."



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Nichole said...

I'm laughing so hard I"m literally crying. If Finn wakes up from his nap, I'm totally blaming you.