Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Text Message Tuesday

And now.....
Drum roll please....
The best text messages of the week.....

*not from my daughter... but another college freshman who I absolutely adore and consider to be my 7th child.

Message: "I'm in the dining hall with my backpack stealing some china for my dorm to return later on in the semester and my face was sly but that just made me smile hard."

Reply: "HEHEHEHEHEHE. You criminal."

Message: "I know rite?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"


*sometimes it seems like the answers are so obvious, I don't even know why I waste my time and energy on clicking out a reply.

Message: "How's your bike ride?"

Reply: "Headed home. Jack fell in the creek."

Message: "Of course."


*we even pray via text messages... well kinda.

Message: "Justine's prayer tonight for dinner... Thank you for letting Mommy get home and that Jordan is a grown woman and we all lived happily ever after. Amen."


*text messages can convey such raw emotion

Message: "I'm gonna go lay in your bed and sob."

Reply: "Aww. That's so sad."

Message: "Kids are so happy we are home! I probably won't have time to sob... but I want to."

Reply: "Tell them I miss them."

Message: "I will. Have fun at Hogwarts."


*just sharing a little mothering meltdown

Message: "Why can all 5 of my kids be within 5 feet of each other without acting like complete jerks?"

Message: "I mean can't. Geez. Sorry all the screaming and fighting is interferring with my thought processes..."

Reply: "Probably the same reason two of mine are the same way. I'd love to know the answer to that ? myself."


*for those of you not blessed with gastrointestinal issues... IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome.

Message: "IBS sucks."

Reply: "Actually it blows."

Message: "You're gross."

*text messaging is a good way for me to share the good, the bad, the disgusting, and the hysterical.

Message: "Justine just got kicked in the face with a soccer ball... Her nose started bleeding and she's crying and blood snot is going every where. And she stops crying and says 'it looks like catalina.'"

Reply: "gross."

Reply: "And ouch."

Message: "She's begging me to take her to the hospital for an x ray."

Reply: "An xray! I have to say it again, she would."


*sometimes I rely on my texting friends a little too much and am quite lost without them

Message: "Where are you? I need you..."

Message: "I am sending the check for January vacation. Do I make it out to you or someone else? Sorry I haven't sent it to you yet... Is that why you're avoiding me?"

Message: "Seriously. It's just money. Nothing is disrupt our friendship over... "

Message: "I never took you for such a shallow person. If you are dead in a ditch... well then I'm sorry for all of this."

Message: "I miss you."

Reply: "Sorry. Forgot my phone in the diaper bag. Thought I lost it once I realized I'd gone a whole day without texting."

Reply: "I literally came home from church, took a nap and then watched 3 episodes of gilmore girls when I thought 'Gina never responded to me again last night... I must have made her mad.' Are we really both so co-dependent to our text messaging?"

Message: "I was so scared for you. I still can't catch my breath..."


*if the girls only knew...

Message: "Did I tell you that Josh's friend's parent told me that he told all the girls he got so fast by running from the hyennas in Ethiopia. Haha."

Reply: "Jax and I are cracking up. That Josh!"

Message: "I didn't tell them that the first time he saw a hyenna in a zoo... he freaked out."

Reply: "Oh. You should share that."




Rebecca said...

Your text messages are always so much funnier than mine. Can I be your texting friend? LOL

Sandee said...

too funny. I think I need to start sending random funny texts...to someone....anyone....