Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Text Message Tuesday

Come on. Leave me a message.
Do it! I drove 9 hours today and I'm still doing it...

sometimes text messages are all about relevant current events...

Message: "I just read this on my friends facebook status, I hope Kanye doesn't show up to Patrick Swayze's funeral. I'll let you get back to your funeral in a minute.... but Michael Jackson had the best death of the year. Just sayin'"

Reply: "That is funny. Like really funny. Like side splittingly funny."


sometimes text messages make absolutely no sense...

Message: "One time when I was in Chicago, I saw a dog that didn't have back legs. His owner had a little seat for his butt that was on two wheels. Like a doggy wheelchair. If you see that dog tell him I said 'what's up'? He was cool."

Reply: "I will totally look for him. And I will call him Carlos."

Message: "He's a black pug and he was running down by the river. Well half running, half rolling."

Reply: "Does he look like a Carlos or a Tyler?"

Message: "Definitely a Carlos. For sure."


some of my text messages are absolute nonsense...

Message: "Just so you know, Justine has changed her name to Spider and is insisting that we all call her that. Hope that doesn't interfere with the wedding plans."

Reply: "Hmmmmmmm. Mrs. Spider Wilkinson. Gotta admit, it does have a nice ring to it."

some of my text messages are just to share what it's like to be me...

Message: "Jameson just asked do you use a spoon to eat soup? Even Josh said, what kind of question is that?"

Reply: "By the looks of my butt, I use a shovel."

Message: "Right. Like soup would make your butt look like that. JK"

Reply: "Well maybe its all the fried food I eat with my soup."

Message: "I wish I had a tape worm. Then I could eat as much as I wanted and lose weight."

Reply: "I think you can order one on the internet. Just google it."

Message: "Yeah but I think you can only get them by the case. You want one?"

Reply: "Yea. I'm sure we could deal em. Instead of drug dealers, we'll be diet dealers. I see stacks of $20s in our future."

Message: "Hollatapewormasaurus!!!!"

Reply: "That can be our tapeworm dealin website address. http://www.hollatapewormasaurus.org/. I feel like the .org will give us a but more credibility than a .com."

Message: "Absolutely. .com seems like we just want to make money, but .org really gives the appearance of what a helping organization we would be."

Reply: "But just to clarify...... I'm just in it for the free tapeworm and the stacks of $20's."

Message: "Absolutely."

looking back, it's hard to imagine spending 15 minutes on this conversation...


what's a text message Tuesday without another Justine quote?

Message: "Justine starts drama classes tonight, and told Jeff her life was about to begin because she was becoming an actress."

Reply: "Awww. That's so cute."


text messaging and gang signs help pass the time during a long trip to Chicago...

Message: "Jeff's trying to teach me how to do gang signs with my hands. Sadly, I'm dyslexic with my hands... I will never be able to join a gang."

Reply: "I'm good. I can do lots. I guess I'm cool enough to be a gang banger..."


sometimes text messages share monumental moments in time...

Message: "Wow. it's over. she's gone."

Reply: "Awww. Sweet Jo. Call if you need me."


sometimes text messages bring people together and hold others together. Without my text messaging support this weekend from my wonderful friends Grace and Jaclyn, saying goodbye to Jordan could have been really awful, but thankfully I had the support and laughs I needed.

I was reminded that the three of us, who had very similar beginnings, have become three strong, successful women with strong stories to share.

Thank you guys!

Message: "Celebrate for me, you and Jaclyn. 3 women who could have just ended up as statistics but actually pretty much kicked ass in life."

Reply: "AMEN."



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The Wilkinson's said...

Oh my word! What do I say?...I just am so thankful that I have you and Grace to lean on. Here is to not being a statistic ladies. I love you both.