Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Excerpts from a mother's diary - part 1

*written Friday Sept 18, 2009

We were up late last night. Too late. It was reminiescent of the night before we left for Africa. Except then we were going to add to our family. This time around, we are packing up the eldest and are about to leave her in a strange city with a bunch of strangers. Just like packing for Africa, there was a penetrable excitement in the air. We all knew our family was about to change for the better, yet we were all nervous about how that change would actually occur.
How would our family unit survive such a huge adjustment?
Would it hurt?
Would it be hard?
What will our new normal be like?

So far, I think I'm the only one who hasn't cried. I have time for that later. No time now. Too much to do. Story of a mother's life, isn't it? No time to even mourn the monumental move of a child due to laundry, packing lists, and preparing soccer uniforms for the remaining children.
I'll cry when I have more time.

Watching the other children cry their little eyes out, although heart wrenching, also warmed my spirit. I saw the love the children have for each other first hand. I saw the tears. I heard the sobbing. I felt their intense pain. And for a split second, it made me happy. Happy because this is what I've always wanted for my family. I have always wanted kids who loved each other intensely. I hope they always remain this close.

How I love this picture of Jaiden's little face as she loves on Jordan the night before she leaves. So symbolic and sweet.

For now, I'm just going to try to document our experience the best I can. Oh and enjoy my last few days with my dearest daughter in my favorite city on earth!