Saturday, September 05, 2009

Osiris and Set

In case you don't recognize the story progression from my pictures... this is our reenactment of the Egyptian story of Osiris and Set.

This Egyptian myth is often used to explain why the Nile River overflows every year.

I took the pictures as the kids told the story. They later wrote down their own version. This is where the really funny part comes in. Don't stop until you get to the end of this story.

For your viewing pleasure... Osiris and Set.

Story telling... per my children.

Once upon a time, there was a pharaoh who everyone considered to be a God. His name was Osiris, and his wife's name was Isis. His brother Set wanted to be the all powerful ruler. Set was an evil brother.

Osiris left Isis on charge as he took a trip around the world. When he arrived back home, Set invited him to a celebration at his house. Set had found a coffin and told all the gods who were there that whoever fit into the coffin could have it.

All the gods tried it out, but it was either too small or too big.

But it fit Osiris just right.

As Osiris laid down in the coffin, Set slammed the lid down and threw him in the river where he drown.

Isis traveled down the Nile river and found Osiris. He was already dead.

She sat by the river and wept.

Isis took Osiris out of the river and wrapped him in linen. He became the first mummy. Once he was a mummy, he came back to life. The world was so happy that he was alive that the Nile overflowed its' banks in celebration, as it does every year.

OK... so if you got this far in the story, I just have to share this part. We are working on teaching the kids how to write appropriate sentences using correct grammar and spelling. I almost fell over when I read Jameson's rendition of the story.

Tell me what you think:

"Isis found Osiris in the river where she raped him."



Laurel said...

Oh my ... looks like something one of my non-spellers might write.

mama of 13

Lisadiana said...

It looks like you had a blast! and the writing part, well, sorry, laughing here.

Rebecca said...

OMG! I am laughing so hard!

Larsons said...

How beautiful! The actors are great celebrites.And the producer so vibrant. I see love. God is smiling. mom

Heather said...

Great story! Beautiful kids, too!

I came across this while searching for some images of the story to go along with our Story of the World lesson. (Same one you were doing, I see!) So I read the page aloud to my 6-year-old and let him see all the fun reenactment pictures.

I got to the punch line and paused halfway through: "Isis found Osiris in the river where him."

At this point, I'm laughing and my son is asking, "What? What's so funny? Did they use toilet paper to wrap him?"

Um, yeah, son...that's why I'm laughing. :)