Monday, September 28, 2009

Not me Monday

Welcome back to another Not Me Monday created by MckMama!

I did not load up all of these bikes on the back of my car and then drive 20 mph across town, completely expecting one if not all of them to fall off at any minute.

I did not wave on the traffic behind me, simply wanting to spare their lives from what was sure to be a huge disaster caused by me.

My son did not fall in the freaking creek, even after I told him a million times to be careful.

I did not know full well that he would be the one to fall in the creek even after I told him a million times to be careful.

I definitely did not bake brownies and put birthday candles in them for my daughter's baby doll twins... Sam and MacKensa.

I did not allow her to use her tooth fairy money at the educational store to purchase Sam a musical clacker because she loves music, and a small animal figurine for MacKensa because she loves animals... OR is it the other way around?
I always forget...

I definitely did not make the entire household sing happy birthday to twins Sam and MacKensa just because it made Justine so incredibly happy.

My lovely husband did not give her a lecture on the finer points of parenting and let her know what a huge responsibility she has taken on with those twins.

I did not skip a morning soccer game to sleep after working all night and end up promising to cuddle these two plastic grandchildren.

Sam looks freaky doesn't she?
Or it that MacKensa?
I forget which one's which.

I did not miss my son's first goal of the season while I was catching a few hours of sleep after working all night.

It was not a tie-breaking goal for which everyone applauded and carried him around on their shoulders.


Not me. I would never miss such a monumental moment in his short little life.

I definitely did not beat myself up over missing soccer games or vow to never miss a goal again... no matter how much sleep I've missed.

Have a great week not doing anything amazing!



Sandy Hop said...

Love your blog! Funny post!

Shelly said...

very funny 8*D

Kristi said...

LOVED the not Me's. I let my son take his pink stoller with baby doll in the mall once so he could be a good mommy like me. It made a great not me, after he got in a fight over it with his brother, HEE Hee.

I would be devestated to miss my son's goal, I am so sorry.

See you around McMama's