Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm am idiot...

Because I'm so concerned about my kids safety, I try to always make sure that what they're playing with is safe.

Boys will be boys and my boys love their airsoft guns.

I make them wear their safety goggles, and I have repeatedly told them to avoid the face, the ears, their "nether" regions and exposed skin.

Now I hear them going on and on about shooting each other with their airsoft guns and how it didn't hurt, I thought I'd better make sure.

They lied. It does hurt. It really hurts. It totally hurts.



Nichole said...

oh no ma'am. I would have tackled one of them for that airsoft gun and got them right back!!

Chris said...

You guys are so weird LOL
Just kidding you guys are so funny.
Poor Gina LOL

Julia said...

I got hit with a paintball once and cried! I was 19, wearing skin tight jeans and it left a welt (or a 'welp' if you live in the south)

Boys are dumb.