Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Text Message Tuesday

My favorite text messages of the week...

Enjoy. Be bewildered. Whatever.

Me: "Jameson just told me that she was going to Colorectal (Colorado) for the reunion next year. If that's where it's at, I'm not going."

Reply: "You can count the Pruitts out on anything colorectal."


Me: "We are writing the story about Osiris, Isis and Set in our own words. Jameson wrote on her paper that Osiris' wife found him by the Nile and then raped him."

Reply: "HAHAHAHAHAHA. What the heck did she mean?"

Me: "wrapped him in linen and made a mummy out of him..."


Me: "I kinda want to cut out paper dolls in your map you left at my house and send it back to you."

Reply: "That would be fun. I may even hang them up."


Message: "You know how we're arranging their marriage and all? Justine told the Mansons she was getting married to an African man as soon as she turns 7. Now who's the white T of the neighborhood?"

Reply: "Hahahaha. Sweet breast feeding like a penguin Justine."


Message: "Why do I always dream about Grace?"

Reply: "Really weird."

Message: "I had a dream we were at a dinner with Obama and he was asking us questions about our kids. Then Addis threw up all over me and turned into a martian."

Reply: "Well minus the obama part, not entirely unplausible. Or is it implausible?"


Message: "I just saw a license plate that said amazunlove and I thought of you... Or a really tall person... Not sure if its amazing or amazon."

Reply: "I'm both amazing and an amazon."


Message: "Well this isn't obvious that I parked illegally... I'm wearing an SICU T shirt and cox scrubs since I got pooped on at work. Nice."

Reply: "Nice."


Message: "Julie's patient just threatened to punch me in the face and kick my big butt across the room. Hahahaha."

Reply: "Get out the restraints..."


Message: "Why do I always dream about you?"

Reply: "You left Obama for martian Addis? Thanks! She does puke a lot, so it is pretty accurate."


dkengelman said...

Haven't told you yet, but these Text Message posts make me LAUGH! Thanks for sharing :)

SisterMom said...

Haha, these make me laugh too! We need to start blogging over here again!

SisterMom said...

Haha, these make me laugh too! We need to start blogging over here again!