Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Jello Justine!

What do we do when Justine is sick of writing her sight words?

We practice in dry jello!!!!

The only bad thing is when you lick your fingers too much and get all the jello wet. Then it looks like you are bleeding all over your words ... but even that is kinda fun.
And yummy.



TJ said...

Finally got a chance to do some blog hopping and made it over here. Loved the post on your weekend with the Wilkinson's - felt like I got a visit with all of you too, what a treat! Meredith is still talking about "Dack" and "Dosh" from the reunion weekend. Oddly enough we have a Kohl's store flyer which we CAN NOT get rid of because it has a picture of a kid in a bathing suit that Meredith insists is Jack! Your gang made a lasting impression on my little girlie, must be because they are such fantastic kids!

Melissa said...

We've never tried jello. We've done shaving cream, pudding, playdough, sand, rice . . . , but never jello. Thanks for the idea!