Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And she's off...

Jordan just called... (on the phone... yay!!!!) to tell me she got her own radio show at the University of Chicago radio station!!!!!

She was one of 7 students chosen to host their own show. They had record number of applicants this year, so the fact that she was chosen is a huge honor.

The best part of it... her show is from 4am to 6am. If you know Jordan and her sleeping habits... this is truly hysterical!

We are so proud!


*Gi* said...

That is truly aweseome! Congrats to Jordan!

Larsons said...

VICTORY! Woh! This is just the beginning seeing a new side of Jordan. mom

Jenny H said...

Holy Cow that is cool! Yeah Jordan, wonder if they can simulcast from her bed?