Sunday, September 27, 2009

If it helps...

Jordan has called twice this weekend. She was absolutely exuberant about college. She loves her roommate. She loves her house members. She loves Chicago.

She absolutely loves the University of Chicago.

I know it's a lotta love, isn't it?

She is thrilled beyond belief, and "feels like she belongs here."

It's weird to hear my daughter so enthusiastic about something.
No one has said she's too quiet. In fact she's become quite the social butterfly. She's with people who get her. She's exploring Chicago.

She likened college to being better than her favorite summer camp, which she cries for a week every summer when it's over.

It makes it ALL better doesn't it?

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*Gi* said...

It might not make it better, per se, but I'm sure it gives you a sense of relief that she's not 520 miles away and miserable.

I have to wonder if it ever gets easier or better. Hang in there.